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Holding Hands Up High

A Friendly Handyman Service

In an effort to create a economically balanced service company, we are offering 1year Memberships for $240 a year.

With this membership, you'll be able to receive:

  • First 2 man hours no charge, anytime you need help.

  • $38per man hour for any additional help needed.

  • 20% discount on all maintenance. for an entire year.

  • You'll also be able to have exclusive access to our Humble Helpers Program.

With your membership, you'll be able to keep records of all work performed on any property through our client portal.

You can cancel your membership at anytime, but bare in mind any work requested after the canceling will be at a labor rate of $48hr instead of $38hr.


We cannot carry the cost of materials. A material price will be given up front, work will begin once payment is accepted . For materials that need to be ordered, we can initiate the order for you, but you are required to remit payment to the merchant directly.

We also cannot guarantee immediate scheduling due to fluctuation on needs.

 If you have friends or family in our service area, please feel free to invite them to join!

Humble Helpers

Our Humble Helpers program is specifically for our H2H Members.

It is another avenue to obtain more economically balanced home services.

At a labor rate of $35hr, you can get help from some of the hardest working and humble individuals I have ever met.

The services our Humble Helpers can help you with are up to you and your needs, here are a few of our most requested services:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly cleaning services.

  • 4hr/8hr In-Home services. (i.e. Laundry, Dishes, Pet Sitting, Grocery Shopping, Baby Sitting, Companion Services)

  • Whatever you may need a helping hand with.

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